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Technology & Fire-Life-Safety

Consulting, Design & Project Management Solutions



We are a company of highly trained Technology & Fire-Life-Safety specialists dedicated to providing technical consultations, system designs, and construction management services. Our team’s comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the most recent Technology & Fire-Life-Safety systems allows us to devise integral and innovative designs which will improve the efficiency, safety and security of your facility.

We are one of the few Technology & Fire-Life-Safety firms with extensive experience in managing projects from conceptual design to commissioning in collaboration with contractors, vendors and clients in highly diversified and fast-paced settings. Whether you are building, remodeling or expanding, our team of experts will deliver quickly and on budget. As an independent, vendor-neutral consultant firm, we prioritize your vision and dedicate ourselves to yielding objective, reliable, and cost-effective Technology & Fire-Life-Safety designs and solutions to your project.

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Our Core

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing fiscally responsible services to our clients through responsive project and systems planning. We generate exceptionally accurate and client-centric Technology & Fire-Life-Safety designs, prioritizing a detail oriented, hands-on approach to every project.


We are a premiere design firm and consultant of choice for architects, engineers, public agencies and businesses. We assist our customers to deliver state-of-the-art facilities that become models for effective and efficient technology-sound integrations into everyday lives.

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Core Values

We are committed to these values in defining how we work with each other and our clients:

Honesty and Integrity in everything we do.
Respect and Accountability to the project team in a positive, enjoyable and constructive environment.
Receptive and Responsive customer service, project management and project delivery.
Highest quality work.

Our Services

Technical Consultation

• Project Needs Assessment
• Constructability and Quality Assurance Review and Report Preparation
• ​Installation Review Services System
• Performance Review


• On-site Field Verification of Existing Conditions
• Pathway Recommendations for Upgrades
• Structural/Mounting Requirements
• Multi-system Main Panels with Existing and Proposed Layouts
• Coordination of Floor Plans with Other Disciplines (Architectural / Electrical / Mechanical / Structural)
• Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) Approval: Division of State Architect (DSA) / State, County and Local Building Departments
• Pre-Bid Budget Assistance
• Bid-ready Construction Drawings and Technical Specifications

Construction Management

• Complete Bidding Services
• Testing and Certification Services to Verify Existing and New Technology & Fire-Life-Safety Systems
• Construction Management Services
• Progress Review and Reporting
• Scope Enforcement
• Documented and Approved Scope Changes
• Schedule Enforcement
• Commissioning, Activation, and Testing
• Periodic Review of System Performance and Maintenance
• Documentation Services
• Financial and Budgetary Services
• Multi-Project, Multi-Year Scheduling
• Coordination with Concurrent Programs and Projects


We offer reliable communication design solutions to connect you internally and externally through analog telephone, voice over internet protocol (VoIP), satellite, microwave, and interconnected intercom and paging systems.

We can provide wireless and wired network design solutions that are affordable, adaptable, and scalable, for both wired and wireless networks.  We have extensive experience designing Wide (WAN), Local (LAN) and remote (VPN) Networks, Computer Rooms, Server rooms / MDFs and IDFs design.

Our design capabilities include interactive video conferencing, small and large sound systems and a wide range of projection options with annotation capture abilities and seamless integration of networks, computers and tablets. Additionally, we consider interfaces with other systems such as lighting and window coverings as part of our AV System Design.

​Whether you need a traditional Cable Television (CATV) distribution design or in-house broadband distribution with broadcast capabilities, we can provide a design outlining a properly balanced system. We offer IPTV or CATV depending what best meets your facility’s needs.


We provide complete and worry free fire alarm design, testing and inspection for any size or occupancy. This includes both voice evacuations and standard alarm systems complemented by specialized training for your staff to respond responsibly to trouble and alarm notifications.

Our designs integrate existing wiring, if necessary, to modernize your system for crystal clear paging, programmable bell schedules, and accurate time keeping with self-correction. Options for new installations include utilizing both wired and wireless methods with analog and digital clocks that are stand­alone or integrated with your intercom / public address (PA) system.

​​With a comprehensive range of access control technologies on the market, we can ensure that the best design-solution is provided to protect your assets and personnel.

​We can integrate several types of security systems into your building design depending on specific needs. We have designed access control systems, window and door monitoring systems, room motion detection, and combination systems for specialty applications.

​We design and deliver customers with quality Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems that are vendor agnostic. We stress the importance of quality design, with installation oversight and service combined with industry leading CCTV products. In addition, we can assist with and review programing of nearly every brand of CCTV hardware.

We can integrate certified nurse call systems into existing facilities to comply with state regulatory agencies to help you provide that higher standard of senior living that sets you apart. We understand that quality and reliability are critical in life-safety and we design nurse call systems specific to your facilities needs of installation and use.

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​We are well-versed and specialize in the design and operation of Technology & Fire-Life-Safety Systems for colleges and universities and K-12 educational facilities. Our services deliver facilities cost-savings and efficient construction and facility maintenance, resulting in enhanced learning environments that foster invaluable opportunities for students preparing to enter our modern-day workforce as future contributors and leaders of our community.

Going Digital Project

Manteca Unified School District

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Our team created and provided the district with accurate floor plans and subsequent project coordination with various vendors to roll out the “Going Digital Project”, providing the district’s 30+ campuses with wireless infrastructure upgrades. Upgrades included integrating the latest data infrastructure wiring (wireless access points) in every classroom. Additionally, data switch infrastructure was set up to lay down the foundation to support current and new technology in the district well into the future. Our project responsibilities included the design of each MDF/IDF, Cat 6/6A cabling to Wireless Access Point, and data drops as required to each classroom, reviews of as-builds and test results, quality assurance, contractor installation, and review and coordination of closeout documentation, including record drawings. At the end of the project, all documentation including CAD, as-builts, and test results were delivered to the customer via electronic format.

Mountainhouse High School

Lammersville Unified School District

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We provided design services for all Technology, Audio-Visual, Security Systems for the lease-lease back project completed at the new Mountain House High School. We were involved from the conception of design (done in BIMM) through negotiation with the selected contractor, Turner Construction and selected sub-contractors. The campus design was web based, accommodating a one-to-one program (utilizing chrome books for each student) for the 18,000 high-schoolers invited to occupy their brand-new school. We were a part of the many on-site field visits during construction and the grand opening forty months later.

Conversion of New Sylvan Elementary School

San Juan Unified School District

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During closure of the old Citrus Heights Elementary School, the existing site was stripped, refurbished and converted into what is now Sylvan Middle School. The existing 5 buildings were taken down to framing, and our designs were implemented throughout all new Technology/Audio Visual/Fire-Life-Systems, including new underground backbone distribution. Additionally, 5 new buildings were
added to the campus to accommodate the larger Middle School population. We collaborated with the architect to design the new site to be a STEAM campus. The 5 new spaces were designed and constructed in one year, including a library, music building, vocational art building (including an art maker lab and TV broadcast studio), science building, and PE facilities.

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